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What To Do To Keep The Passion In The Relationship with Slavic Women

Sometimes, with the flow of time, the relation between foreign men and Russian women become boring. You can never keep passion in a relationship if you constantly walk around the apartment in stretched t-shirt and dirty trousers.
  • Watch for personal hygiene. Even if you understand that you have a blockage at work, you do not work and you do not know where to run and what to grab for, the physical attraction to your girlfriend can arise at any time, so it's important to be ready for such a moment. This applies not only to you, but also to your girlfriend, you two should watch for yourself, do not forget about the manicure and pedicure, do not delay hikes to the hairdresser and dentist, stylishly and beautifully dress and give time to sports loads, because otherwise you both run yourself so that you will not even have to talk about any love or sex;
  • Dress as if you want to impress her. It's clear that it's very hard to constantly look good, especially if you live together, but at least try to be well-groomed, wear clean clothes that will not be ten sizes larger than you, do not stop watching yourself even if you have been together for many years .
  • Do romantic things. As soon as you have passed the outer reincarnation, you can immediately take on the inner, namely - to become more romantic. You will need to try to create a romantic atmosphere, invite your girlfriend to date, even if you both have already forgotten what it is like, to write romantic messages and show all your ways how dear you are to your girlfriend and how you appreciate her, in spite of the fact that you have been together for several years. Here's what you need to do to do this:
foreign men and Russian women

- the atmosphere of romance must reign in your home. In the event that you live with your girlfriend, then try to make sure that the house was clean and it was nice to be there, take care of having fresh linen in the bedroom, on which it will be nice to lie. If you think that this is not all male responsibilities, then you can come to the aid of an assistant in the house who will cope with everything in a short time;

- Invite your girlfriend on dates at least once every two weeks. Cinema, theater, restaurant or just a cozy evening at home with a delicious dinner and a bottle of wine will create the right atmosphere and tune you to the right wave; How To Avoid Common Mistakes In The Relationship?

- Do not forget about the gentleman's behavior. Try to always open the door to your girlfriend, push the chair, if she is cold, then offer her your jacket. It is on such little things that relations are built.
  • You should always remember that all women love with ears without exception, which means that you need to try to make compliments as often as possible, to say pleasant words and remind your girl about how much you love her. Remember all sorts of nice things, such as a note on the fridge or sms in the middle of the working day with a confession. Here's what else you can do:

- buy a postcard and write in it all the reasons why you love your girlfriend. It is not at all necessary to wait for some solemn occasion, such as the anniversary of your relationship or her birthday, you can do it any day. For example, if you go on a date, then at the very beginning give this girl a postcard and a romantic mood is provided for the whole evening. In this way, you will make sure that both of you are focused on the positive, you will emphasize how much you appreciate all the good qualities in your girlfriend and how much, thanks to them, she is unique to you;
Foreign Men And Russian Woman sex

- Be sure to tell your girlfriend that you love her. It will become your little tradition and the perfect end of the day;

- Do not forget about the messages that you can send at a time when you are not together. For example, you can wish a good day to your girlfriend or tell her how beautiful she looks this morning. Find out tips about The Relationship Between Foreign Men And Russian Woman
  • Have sex in new places. Once you and your girlfriend are completely immersed in a romantic atmosphere and your relationship will completely come to a new stage, then it's time to remember about sex. If you want to return the passion, then forget about the standard sex at home in the usual bed, you need to change something and why not experiment with the place?

- you can make love at home, but in a place where you did not do it before. For example, a shower, a kitchen table, a window sill, a washing machine - think about where you always wanted to have sex, but did not dare and start embodying all your wildest fantasies in life;

- If you two do not have enough extreme, then think about having sex at a party. Let's say you came home to your friends, you need to come up with some reason why you need to retire for a few minutes, find a free room and get down to action;

- the sea is always a good idea, so you can go on vacation, and there everything will help you to relax, enjoy each other and finally regain your passion.

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dating russian women
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