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General dating rules & tips

When it comes to dating there are a few rules....

Differences between women

Differences between women

There are many differences between different nations......

What to do

What to do

First dates are always hard...

How to impress Russian women

How to impress Russian women

Russian women are not much different than any other women...

Dealing with rejection

Dealing with rejection properly

When it comes to fears which make people....

Russian women - Myths and truths

Russian women - Myths and truths

It is a well known fact that there are myths concerning every nation.....

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Best Russian women dating tips

Meeting with your Russian woman's parents

One of the things every man fears is meeting with his girlfriend's parents. It is always a stressful situation to look forward to, but even more so when you have to meet a family from a different country. What should you expect? What do they expect? How should you act? These and a few more questions will be answered in this short article.

Confidence - Russian women love it – How to gain it

Almost everyone around the world has some confidence problems, some people are shy when in a large group of people, some can't get used to new people etc. It doesn't matter where and when, what matters is that everyone can have confidence problems and that they can be solved.

Dating Russian women - how to avoid scams

Plenty of people had experience with it - they come back home and merrily log on to check out the newest messages from a gorgeous Russian woman they have been talking to for a while. She looks stunningly beautiful, she is sweet and has a body which super models would envy but she has a few problems. She lives in a poor village where men are drunk and don't do anything during the whole day

How to be romantic with a Russian woman

When it comes to relationships one of the most important thing is romance. Women like being with men who know how to be romantic - the same goes for Russian women. Women would love to be with a man who will do things for them that make them blush. Things that would make them feel week at the knees, small things that makes them feel like their man cares for them a lot.

Getting ready for your date with a Russian woman

It is normal to for people who are going out on a first date to feel nervous. The closer the time of the date is more nervous you feel. This article was written to help you with conquering those fears and becoming better at the dating game. You might be a bit rusty and you might lack practice but with a little bit of knowledge you will be able to become a dating pro

Beginning of a relationship with a Russian woman

Start of a new relationship can be hard; those times are when we revert to our old teenage self and feel happy and giddy. It is hard to fight against it, chemistry does what it does and all logic and experience leave us. Many different thoughts start to seep into our brain and most of them conflict one another

Being a single parent and dating Russian women

This is one of the subjects which can't be talked about easily because it is not a simple topic to talk about. If you are a single parent and looking for a partner you might have noticed that there always certain problems which don't seem to be avoidable. This article is meant to provide you with knowledge about how Russian women view children and single parents.

First date with a Russian woman - ideas from inexpensive to expensive

You have talked to a Russian lady for some time, finally you meet up with her, the first date goes pretty well and so does the next one. Then comes the time when you ask yourself "what to do next?". You should make a plan, figure out a way to keep her interested in you. It is important not to let the dating run out of steam, because that is what will make her lose the interest she had in you.

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dating russian women
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