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Keeping the momentum in dating a Russian woman

You have talked to a Russian lady for some time, finally you meet up with her, the first date goes pretty well and so does the next one. Then comes the time when you ask yourself "what to do next?". You should make a plan, figure out a way to keep her interested in you. It is important not to let the dating run out of steam, because that is what will make her lose the interest she had in you. One of the things that is the same with most of the people is that they get bored when they receive too much too soon. It is important to remember that pacing everything is wise to do. You should think about the way you will approach the first few dates, because they mean the difference between going out on more dates with her and going on none.

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-Dating should be fun

Fun means a lot when it comes to dating, you and your Russian woman should have a lot of fun together and it is your job to keep her interested in you. You should keep her amused and laughing, she should get to know the more relaxed side of you. You should plan some fun activities in advance, keep her entertained and guessing, because when a woman is bored she will try to find someone more thrilling.

- Being mysterious

Don't give out much about yourself too soon, keep her guessing. An element of surprise should always exist because it will keep your Russian woman excited and willing to learn more about you. You should be a riddle to her, something she will enjoy figuring out more with each date. This might seem a bit overwhelming, but it is pretty simple. Try to keep the air of mystery around yourself, don't tell the whole story about yourself, keep some details hidden for the next date; it will keep her interested in you.

- Be busy

Women like to know that a man has something going on, that something is happening in his life. If you have a busy life they will see you as an interesting individual and they will know that you are not a slacker who sits around doing nothing. Don't explain why you have to go somewhere or what you need to do, just inform her that you have some business to attend to and that you must do it. Keep her guessing this is where the previous lesson about being mysterious will help you. Don't lie to her, just stick to your usual routine and she will like it for sure.

- Wait for sex

Desire is important, especially if you have went on a few dates and got to know one another more. There is certainly some attraction but that doesn't mean that you should immediately jump into the bed together. You should refrain from sex for some time, let the desire overrun both of your minds and makes you crave one another. It will make your first sex more enjoyable and passionate. Try not to wait for too long because it might make her think that you have lost the interest in her.

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- Be spontaneous

Women don't like routine, as a matter of fact, they hate it. You should surprise your Russian woman with something small which will make her happy. Most of them enjoy chocolate and candy - buy it sometimes for her, it will make her feel special. Try to change the restaurants you are visiting. Maybe go out to something you both are not used to, whatever it is try to keep it interesting. When both of you are enjoying something new together you will both enjoy it more and it will boost your chances of seeing her again.

Relationships can be complicated, especially when your date is someone from another country. Hopefully this article has managed to shed some light on the subject of keeping the dating momentum going. Show your girl that you are interesting and mysterious, keep her having fun and be sure to surprise her with a small gift every now and then.

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dating russian women
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