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What to do & what not to do when dating a Russian woman

First dates are always hard; those who say that first dates are easy are either very special or lying. You shouldn't feel bad because you are feeling anxious and shy before your first date, it is completely and perfectly normal. This guide is written to help you enjoy your first date and make a good impression on your Russian lady. Study what we have written for you, think about it and your next date will go a lot smoother. It is important to be prepared, going out without any preparation could cost you your date, so think ahead of time and you will do just fine.


What to do:

- Arriving on time. You should never ever be late for your date; it is advisable to come before she does because you shouldn't risk the chance of having her wait for you. It is true that no one enjoys waiting, but it is better if you wait for her than to have her wait for you.

- Make your Russian date feel comfortable. Your date should always feel safe and comfortable with you. Making her feel relaxed should be your number one priority. As soon as you notice that she is relaxed, it is guaranteed to boost your confidence by a lot.

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- Be communicative and talkative. It is wise to think of a few interesting topics before the date. She will have a better opinion of you and the two of you won't have to sit in awkward silence.

- Laugh at her jokes. It doesn't matter if you didn't get the joke or if you didn't enjoy it. What matters is that she found it interesting enough to share it with you, so just provide her with the satisfaction of hearing you laugh.

- Listen to your Russian date. You should show her that you are paying attention to what she is saying. Try to ask her small questions about the subject she is talking about. It will show her that you are indeed listening to her.

- Be yourself and be confident about it. Women notice confidence, and they love it. Be confident about who you are and never pretend that you are someone who you aren't

dating Russianwoman

What not to do:

- Don't be late. Never ever be late, it will only show her that you aren't interested in her enough to pay attention to the time.

- Try not to talk only about yourself. Russian women enjoy listening and they always try to give advice, but try doing the same for her, she will definitely enjoy it.

- Never talk about your ex girlfriends. Would you like to hear her tales of her ex boyfriends/husbands? Of course not, it goes both ways. Just don't mention your ex girlfriends.

- Do not eat with your mouth open. Proper manners are what all women find attractive, no woman wants to date a pig so don't eat like one.

- Don't bother your Russian date with too many personal questions. She might feel uncomfortable about answering some of them which means that she might not agree on a second date. Respect her privacy and leave more intimate questions for when you get to know each other better.

- Don't get drunk! As much as you would like to think that being drunk turns you into an interesting and a funny man, it does not. She will notice that you are drunk and she will not like it.

It is pretty simple, don't you think? This small list will help you out with showing your Russian lady that you are a gentleman who cares about her and wants to know her better. You will intrigue her and make her want to see you more and get to know you better. Good luck and don't forget to have fun out on your date.

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dating russian women
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