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Russian women - Myths and truths

It is a well known fact that there are myths concerning every nation of the world. It is the same with Russia and Russian women, there are many myths about them and most of them are false. This short article is meant to shed some light on the truths and fallacies concerning myths about Russian women.


1. Russian women care about money and nothing else

This is definitely a lie. While there are women who can fit into this category it cannot be said about every Russian woman. One of the reasons why many people believe in this myth is because of many cultural differences. Most of the people in the west are used to splitting the bill with a woman or letting them pay for the whole meal. In the Russia, things are a bit different. It is expected of men to be gentlemen and pay for a meal, give a woman a small meaningful present etc. Of course, that does not mean that men have to do it, it just means that men enjoy doing it. As always, one should be careful, it is OK to pay for a meal and buy flowers or some candy, but it is not OK if a woman starts demanding money for every single thing she might want.

2. Russian women need a foreigner because they are desperate and poor

This has to be the biggest myth concerning Russian women. Most of the Russian ladies who have their own dating profiles are attractive, outgoing and have careers. Being lonely makes them unhappy, but that does not mean that they are desperate and would go out with any foreign man. Every human being craves interaction with other humans, it's perfectly normal, after all we are social creatures, and the same goes for Russian women. It is hard meeting new people after the age of 30, which is one of the reasons to why so many Russian women are trying out online dating. They are not desperate, and having a career certainly doesn't make them poor.

3. Russian women are direct in communication.

Yes they are. When one talks to a western woman one might notice that it is basically just small talk. Rarely can one enjoy a conversation about something else than meaningless small talk with a western woman. Russian women are the opposite. If you ask how her how she is feeling, don't expect that she will say only "fine" and ask you the same question. You have asked her a meaningful question, expect a longer answer. If a Russian woman talks to you that is a very good sign, if she opens up, that is even a better sign. Russian women enjoy an honest conversation and don't be confused when you notice how direct they can be.


4. It is important to meet her parents

Yes, this one is true as well. Russian families are close, they live together and they respect the older members of the family and highly value their advice. You should never say no to an invitation to meet your Russian lady's parents, take it as a compliment and try to prepare for it. You should strive to make the best impression, so buy some flowers or candy for her mother. You could bring a gift for the father as well, but it is not necessary. Be very polite, do not interrupt them while they are talking and show them respect. They will notice it and chances of them growing fond of you will grow. Soon enough they will accept you as a member of their family.

We hope that this short article managed to shed some light on myths about Russian women. You should always remember that every person is an individual and that there are no two same persons. There are lots of myths about Russian ladies out there, try not to take them all in, most of them are pure fabrication. With these facts on your mind, you will be more prepared for meeting lovely Russian women.

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dating russian women
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