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Russian Articles about Dating

The Relationship Between Foreign Men And Russian Woman
sex best russian bride

The 80% of international families divorce during the first three years of common life. The relationship between foreign men and Russian women, are not very easy. But if you know some tips, you can build ideal relationship with Slavic girls. The knowledge how to create and maintain the ideal and successful relationship between a man and a woman is important for everyone. In this article, the psychologists of dating service

What To Talk About On The First Date?
geisha russian

Very often the first date determines whether further continuation of the relationship will take place. Communication at acquaintance consists in knowledge of each other and the determination of compatibility. If you are interested in a new acquaintance and want to continue meeting, the right topic for the conversation will be 50% of the success.

How To Behave With Russian Women On The First Date?
russian fast dating

From the beginning, you need to remember exactly where and how you’ve met. Whether she is a friend of your friends, or just a neighbor, or you had the courage to talk for a second with an attractive girl, for example, in line at the store. Such information will prejudge where to hold a meeting, so that everything will work out the best way.

How To Become A Pick-up Master?
russian online dating

Pikaper is a person who knows how to get acquainted with any girls, in new and interesting ways. Pickup is the science of seduction, divided into a male and female pick-up truck. How to become a pick-up artist? The tips below will help you. After all, if you decide to learn to get acquainted with Russian girls you need to start with something. But simply reading the article will not work until you apply the advice in practice.

How To Keep A Relationship At A Distance?
keep russian dating

Relationships at a distance - it's very risky and difficult, but still you do not need to put a cross on them in advance. Just need to work on them twice as much, give enough time and attention, be in touch with your Russian bride and be prepared for the fact that you will have more quarrels and scandals than in normal relationships

How To Build Successful Relationship?
russian free dating

Build a relationship on trust. It is clear that without trust, no normal relations are possible. You should try to earn the trust of your girl as much as possible and in any case not let her down. Because if she stops trusting you, then you can bravely put a cross on such a relationship. Do not think that if your girl does not see you, then you can do whatever you want. Honestly report your plans, even those that she might not really like. This is much better than a lie, which will only increase with each time, like a snowball.

How To Return Passion In Relationships?
return russian relation

When you just start dating Slavic girls, the questions about how to return a passion in a relationship doesn’t bother you at all, because you think that this feeling will last forever. But it will not take very long, and you will understand that something is missing.

How To Return Passion In Relationships?
relax russian dating

When you just start dating Slavic girls, the questions about how to return a passion in a relationship doesn’t bother you at all, because you think that this feeling will last forever. But it will not take very long, and you will understand that something is missing.

How To Trust Your Partner?
read about  dating

Sometimes it happens that one life situation can completely change the life with your soul mate and you can’t trust her anymore. But if you would like to continue the relationship with your Russian bride, you should do all your best to improve this miserable situation. Here are some main tips that will help you.

What To Do To Keep The Passion In The Relationship with Slavic Women
passion women

Sometimes, with the flow of time, the relation between foreign men and Russian women become boring. You can never keep passion in a relationship if you constantly walk around the apartment in stretched t-shirt and dirty trousers.

How To Avoid Common Mistakes In The Relationship
keeping russia date

If you want to avoid common problems in the relationship with Russian women, then you need to bear in mind the following tips that will help you. Keep a positive mood. You do not have to dwell on how bad you are without your girlfriend, and even in such a situation to find advantages. For example, you have much more time left that you can devote to your hobbies, your career, your friends and yourself. In addition, the distance exacerbates all feelings

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dating russian women
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