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Meeting with your Russian woman's parents

One of the things every man fears is meeting with his girlfriend's parents. It is always a stressful situation to look forward to, but even more so when you have to meet a family from a different country. What should you expect? What do they expect? How should you act? These and a few more questions will be answered in this short article.


You should know that most of the parents love their children. You are someone who comes from another country and you want to marry their daughter, you should be prepared for judgment, and you shouldn't take it personally. It is normal for Russian parents to judge a man their daughter brings over, so don't let it scare you even if the father seems intimidating. Remember that the woman you are with shares the same fears as you do, she is also afraid of what her parents may think. Let this fact give you at least a little bit more strength to proceed with the meeting.


1. Be polite - show them respect

You are meeting with the people who are most likely older than you are, and they demand respect. Another important fact is that Russia is a country where the elders are respected, which means that you should do it as well. Don't forget to buy a gift for the mother. Something small will be more than enough, a flower or a box of candy will do wonders. You are free to bring a gift for the father too, but it is not needed. Learn to be courteous to them and learn some phrases which will make them feel good. Treat your woman's parents with respect and they will like you a lot more.


2. Do not drink alcohol (unless they tell you to)

Even though the Russian people are social drinkers, that doesn't mean that you are supposed to drink a lot in front of your woman's parents. You shouldn't drink at all, unless they invite you to do so. More often than not you will be greeted with a glass of alcohol and you should definitely drink it as a sign of respect towards the family. Even if you don't enjoy alcohol, muster up some strength and do it, they could take your refusal to drink as an insult, and that would ruin everything.


3. Do not refuse food

It is never nice to refuse food when visiting someone. This is especially true in Russian. If your woman's family invites you to stay over for dinner or lunch, you should definitely agree to it. Saying no would insult them gravely and ruin any chances you might have had with their daughter. Accept any food they offer you, and make sure to compliment the cook.



4. Dress well

When visiting the parents of your Russian lady keep in mind one small fact. They will be judging you in every way possible, so make sure that the first impression is good. You will manage to do it by dressing well and being tidy. Wear something formal, yet simple, do not overdress but try to avoid showing up in a tracksuit or shorts.


5. Avoid cursing and bad language

This is the most obvious thing on this least, but it is worth mentioning it, especially if you are a kind of a person who can't stop swearing. Make sure to avoid sounding like a bum with no manners. You are being judged by older folk who are very traditional, try not to embarrass yourself with bad manners and cursing.

We hope that these 5 tips will help you out when the time to meet the parents of your Russian lady comes. You might be scared at first, but by knowing what to expect you will be able to deal with it.

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dating russian women
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