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How to improve your online dating profile

When you take a look at your profile, you should think about how other people may see it. You should ask yourself what a woman would think after seeing your profile and the information presented on it. After all, your profile is the first thing that people notice about you and that is why it should serve to present you in the best light possible. It is a good idea to pay attention to everything on your profile and to turn it into a mirror of who you are. That way Russian ladies will know more about you and who they are dealing with, they will appreciate the honesty as well.


1. Take a proper photo of yourself

Your profile picture should accurately show who you really are. You should look into the camera, smile and take a picture. It is nothing way too complicated, but it is very important. You want the ladies to like you, not some old photo of yourself that you took 10 years ago. You should be alone in the photo, your eyes should be visible and it will do wonders if you put on a smile. Try not to put on a silly face or act like a tough guy with random bad-boy poses. You know how silly women with the duckface expression are; try not to be the same as they are. Try to avoid flirty expressions, you might think that you are a Casanova, but Russian women will find it funny. Be who you are, take a simple photo and that's it.

2. Be honest

It is very important that you do not lie on your online profile. People love to exaggerate the info on their profiles, but it is easy to notice. Don't be one of those guys. People will mostly lie about height and weight, followed by income, age, marital status and how old the profile picture is. You should think about what your goal is - to date and one day marry a Russian woman Do you think that it will happen if you lie on your profile? What will you do when the time to meet her comes? You won't be able to lie forever, it always gets found out. How would you like it if you were lied to? You wouldn't, so don't do it to someone else.

3. Don't be creepy

It is normal for everyone to have certain passions and interests, but you have to keep one thing on your mind - not everyone shares the same passions and interests you do. As much as you might enjoy watching football, you can't expect it from everyone. It is ok to show that you have certain interests, but try not to overdo it. Any Russian woman you meet will run away after you have been boring her for 2 hours with stories of most recent football transfers. The only rule is - don't be annoying. Keep it short and if your passions are not the same as hers don't bother her with it, you wouldn't enjoy it if she were to do the same thing.


4. Take it slow

You might be the funniest guy among your friends, but not everyone has the same sense of humor. The same can be said about women from different countries. One of the problems with jokes over the Internet is that she can't hear your voice nor see your face. She might take a joke seriously and never talk to you again. Sarcasm and irony are hard to pull off on the Internet, especially with someone you who is not familiar with you and your sense of humor. You should take it slow. That doesn't mean that you shouldn't try being witty and funny, you should just pay a little bit of attention to what you are saying.

These four tips were written to help men out when trying to make their profile persona more approachable and interesting. Keep these few things on your mind when making a profile and you shouldn't have any problems when dealing with Russian women.

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dating russian women
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