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How to be romantic with a Russian woman

When it comes to relationships one of the most important thing is romance. Women like being with men who know how to be romantic - the same goes for Russian women. Women would love to be with a man who will do things for them that make them blush. Things that would make them feel week at the knees, small things that makes them feel like their man cares for them a lot.


Being romantic doesn't mean that you have to spend a lot of money; it doesn't mean that you have to buy expensive flashy gifts. When talking about romance it is important to know that what is important is that the gesture is genuine.

The tips which follow are bound to help you with discovering a romantic side you never knew you had.

- Learn about romance - If you have never had any experience with being romantic you should get a little bit acquainted with it. You should do some research on your own, try not to learn from the movies - movies always get romance wrong. Talk to some friends, learn from their experience.

- You are not less of a man - Being romantic doesn't neuter you, it doesn't mean that you are any less manly. Russian women see romantic men as more masculine and confident.

- Be thoughtful - Think less about yourself and more about your lady. By being less selfish and more considerate of her needs you will start to learn more about romance.

- Random calls - Give her a call, maybe sometime when she is not expecting it. Call her just to hear her voice and to tell her that she means something to you. Russian women will love it.

- Walk together - Spending time together is great, but spending it outdoors will definitely make her feel more romantic. Russian woman will enjoy being close to you, walking slowly and enjoying the scenery.

- Flowers - Women love flowers, they love them even more when they receive it from a man they like. You don't need a reason for giving a flower. You should buy it when she isn't expecting it; it should come to her as a surprise. You should always keep her guessing Russian women find it romantic and sexy.


- Compromise - You should know that it is important to have time to spend with your woman. She might feel the need to see you, but you have already made some plans with your friends. You should make her feel better by seeing her and meeting with your friends some other time. She will love the fact that you have put her first. Russian woman will enjoy knowing that she is important to you, so sometimes be prepared to sacrifice and compromise.

- Snail mail - Yes, sending letters is a thing of the past, but women still love receiving them. Write about her, about your relationship, anything she might like. A Russian woman will love reading your letter, so take some time and write her one every now and then.

- Laugh - Having fun together is important. You should find something you both enjoy, and do it together. Relax together, do things which make you both feel happy and joyful.

- Her time - Allow your Russian woman to have some time for her things. Maybe she would like to read or see her friends, maybe she wants to be alone. Whatever it is, be understanding, she will appreciate it.

Romance is in the tiny details, you don't have to be rich to be romantic. Be there for her, be gentle and caring, make her feel special, and you will slowly understand what it means to be romantic.

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