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How To Build Successful Relationship?

If you dream about ideal relationship with Russian girls, you need to make some efforts and learn the main tips on this topic.
  1. Build a relationship on trust. It is clear that without trust, no normal relations are possible. You should try to earn the trust of your girl as much as possible and in any case not let her down. Because if she stops trusting you, then you can bravely put a cross on such a relationship. Do not think that if your girl does not see you, then you can do whatever you want. Honestly report your plans, even those that she might not really like. This is much better than a lie, which will only increase with each time, like a snowball.
  2. Fidelity and loyalty are the basis of everything. Your girl must be sure that you do not cheat on her, and you, accordingly, should not give her any reason to think about it. You know very well how important loyalty and devotion are at a distance, when another person can not just take and come to check if you really are at home at two in the morning. So try not to let your girl down, be as sincere with her as possible, and never lie, but in turn demand the same behavior from her.
  3. relationship with Russian girls
  4. Control your emotions. If you are very angry with your girlfriend, then try to restrain your emotions and not throw out all the negative on her. Here, perhaps, one of the main advantages of relations at a distance and it is that you can take the necessary time to cool down, and only then continue to communicate. If in the midst of a quarrel you understand that you are no longer controlling yourself and you will say something that you will regret later, then just say that you will call back in a couple of minutes, and during this time, clean yourself up, analyze your behavior and only when you are absolutely calm, return to your conversation.
  5. Create something in common. A common task always unites and can create the appearance that you are together even when there are hundreds of kilometers between you. For example, you can start a joint blog, choose a topic that you two will be interested in and write your notes there. This kind of activity will unite you, you will have a new occupation, which means that you will have less time to quarrel and. In addition, when you are busy, you will not notice how long the time stretches before your next meeting, and this is also a huge plus.
  6. Do the same things at the same time. If you do the same things at the same time, then you will get the impression that you are really now together, not separately. You will feel much closer to your girlfriend and this will only strengthen your relationship. For example, you can cook the same dishes for yourself for dinner and at this time communicate on skype, showing each other your every action. Or you can read the same books, and then discuss it. Watch the movie or the program together, you can exchange messages while watching. In fact, you can choose any business depending on your hobbies or teach each other something new.
  7. Study together. You have to choose some kind of activity that will really be interesting for you two, the main thing is not to adjust to your girlfriend and her hobbies, otherwise you will get bored very quickly and you will abandon this business. Suppose you can study together some foreign language, which has long wanted to learn through online courses. These joint activities are very close and give the feeling that you really have a lot in common. Among other things, such classes are a great pastime and thanks to them you will have new topics for conversation, which is also important.
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  9. Let your girl feel special. Do as many small pleasant little things for your girl as possible to show her how much you love her and how precious she is to you. For example, you can write her a real letter and send it by mail - she will definitely appreciate such a romantic act. Or send her a postcard with a phrase that only matters to you two. You can order her home delivery with her favorite dish from the restaurant or give flowers by calling a courier. Nobody tells you about some expensive gifts, but often it's on such little things that all relationships keep, so do not forget about it and try to please your girl as often as possible. Learn How To Return Passion In Relationships?
  10. Maintain common interests. If the only thing you do together is talk on the phone, then very soon your relationship will fail, because the lack of common interests can destroy anything. Therefore, if you go to the same courses, or both of you like to play sports and lead a healthy lifestyle, then discuss it and talk about your hobbies as often as possible. Of course, that you do not have to be clones of each other and love everything that the second person likes, because most likely it's just a bluff that will surely open with time. But the presence of at least some common hobbies will protect your pair and reduce the risk of parting.

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dating russian women
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