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Getting ready for your date with a Russian woman

It is normal to for people who are going out on a first date to feel nervous. The closer the time of the date is more nervous you feel. This article was written to help you with conquering those fears and becoming better at the dating game. You might be a bit rusty and you might lack practice but with a little bit of knowledge you will be able to become a dating pro. Dating a Russian woman is not much different to dating women from other countries, but a few things should be kept in mind. This article serves to help everyone who is getting ready for the first date with a Russian woman, we hope that these few tips will be useful and make you prepared for the important date.


- It is only a date

Keep things in perspective; don't act like your life depends on it. Be relaxed, if things go wrong, there are always other women. As much as the date is important to you, keep in mind that you are not the only person who will be nervous.

- Get ready on time

Give yourself time to get ready for the date. Start preparing early, think of how long it usually takes you to get ready for going out, and add more time to it. Relax in the bathtub or in the shower and think about what might happen during the date.

- Prepare your clothes

Be sure that your clothes are clean and ready for wearing long time before the date starts. Try to look your best, don't settle.

- Relax

Enjoy some music, listen to your favorite band and drink a glass of wine. Let the music and wine relax you before going out.

- Make a plan

You have to know where your date and you will be going out. You should know what to talk during the date and you should have a way of getting there on time. If you don't own a car, book a cab in advance.

- Perfume, cologne and aftershave

Always use the best possible ones you can buy. Try not to drown yourself in it; nobody wants to recognize a perfume from a mile away. Just a little bit will do wonders.

- Think about the conversation

Think for a while about what you might talk about with your Russian lady. You should have a few topics prepared in advance. Try to make the topics as different as you can, that way if you notice that she isn't fond of a particular topic, you can switch to a different one. Knowing the woman well will help you out greatly. Maybe she likes books and arts; maybe she is more into sports. Whatever it is, try to remember it and have a conversation prepared in advance.

- Clean shoes & accessories

It is important to show up wearing clean shoes. Women will take notice and they will think less of you if you seem like you don't care about your outer appearance. Pick up a few accessories like a belt or a watch. Maybe a tie or something similar. Be sure to keep it simple and not too flashy.

- Small gift

Bring a small gift for your Russian woman. Nothing too expensive, maybe a flower or a box of chocolate. She will definitely like it a lot.


We hope that you've enjoyed reading these few tips and that you will be more relaxed when the date comes. Being prepared is the key, so do it on time.

You are supposed to have fun, so try not to take it very seriously and make sure that you are enjoying the time spent with your Russian date.

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dating russian women
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