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General dating rules & tips

When it comes to dating there are a few rules that every man should abide to. It doesn't matter if you are someone who changes a girlfriend every week or someone who enjoys investing more time and effort into relationships. What matters is that there are certain rules which everyone should follow in order to be successful with the ladies.


1. Always look your best

Women notice things, especially those which can be plainly seen. That is why you should buy yourself some good clothes and decent shoes. Those things are among the first one a lady is going to take a look at. Would you ever go out with a woman who isn't concerned about her appearance? Neither would they go out with a man who looks as if he rummages through the rubbish for a living. Buy some clothes that fit you well, make sure to ask for someone's opinion if you have no clue on what to wear. It will leave a good first impression which is always the most important thing when it comes to dating.

2. Take care of your styling and hygiene

If you pass the first test, clothes and shoes, you will be put on a second one. Your hair and your hygiene. Be sure to visit your barber and have him style your hair, don't go crazy with some daring new style, keep it simple and masculine. If you have problems with hair loss, think about shaving your head, it will show that you are confident about the way you look, and women will take notice.

If you want to grow facial hair, it's ok, but try not to look like a bum. You should buy yourself cologne or a perfume and use it sparingly. Tiny spray is more than enough, don't take a bath in it, it will have the opposite of a positive effect.

3. Show that you are knowledgeable

You should be up to date with the news in the world. No grown woman will be impressed with the tales of your favorite video game or your favorite movie character. Try to get some knowledge which can show your date that you have certain interests which you like to share with people. Think about your hobbies, do they seem childish? If yes, then don't mention them. Think about with what kind of a person you are dealing with and you will know whether you should talk about certain hobbies. If you don't have anything else to talk about, and then just talk about news, it will show that you care about what goes on with the world around you.


4. Manners

Some say that chivalry is dead, why not be the one who will prove that saying wrong? You should be a knight to your lady, someone she can count on and someone who is a gentleman. You should read up a bit on etiquette and use that knowledge when you go on a date. Open up the doors for your date, take her coat off, show her respect and treat her like a lady. If you are at a restaurant don't forget to say thank you and please, it will show her that you are a man who is kind and gentle and feels good in his own skin.

5. Take dancing lessons

You are thinking to yourself now "why? that's not very manly.". You are wrong! There is nothing more manly than dancing, it is romantic and sexy. Dancing is the best excuse to be close to your date. Forget everything you've known about dancing, it is fun, and the ladies love it. Yes, some men will think that you are weird, but you are not trying to impress men but ladies.

Hopefully, these rules and tips will help you become a better man and a better partner for your future dates. Always stay relaxed, you are supposed to be in control and everything will work out just fine. Good luck with your future dates, and have fun.

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dating russian women
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