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First date with a Russian woman - ideas from inexpensive to expensive

When it comes to dating, most of the people feel comfortable with going to the usual places on the first date. There is nothing wrong with it, but if you are looking to make your Russian girl feel special, you should do something a bit different but make sure that you can afford it. She will definitely like it more than just going out to a simple restaurant or to the movies.

This article is supposed to help you by showing you a few ideas for the first date. They are arranged from the more affordable ones to the lavish expensive ones.



- Russian women enjoy picnics, it is romantic and they enjoy being out in the nature. It would be even better if you could make your own food and surprise her with your cooking skills. You can enjoy the picnic on a beach or in a park, both of them work.

- Theme park is a good idea as well, especially if you know that your Russian lady enjoys thrilling rides. You can buy her some cotton candy or maybe even win a small toy for her to make the date more memorable.

- Show her that you can cook. Invite her over for a home cooked meal and she will definitely enjoy it. Try not to become cheesy with romantic music and candles, some women like it, but most of them find it funny.

- Visit the Zoo with your Russian woman. They love animals and you can both relax out in the open and spend some time talking.

- Museum or an art gallery are a good idea if you know that she is interested in it. Otherwise it might make her bored.


- Take your date out for a concert. Take her out to see her favorite band, or try experiencing something new, you will both enjoy it.

- Take your Russian woman out for an expensive meal and show her that when it comes to food, money is not a problem. Don't forget to court her and be a gentleman, pay for the entire meal.

- If both of you are feeling adventurous, why not go out for a horse ride? You can both enjoy a sunny day out in the field and try your skills at riding a horse, it will be unforgettable.

- If you and your Russian women are interested in trying out something new and fun, scuba diving is an excellent idea. Both of you will get a chance to explore the sea and when you are done you can enjoy some sea food.

- For those of you who aren't scared about experiencing something different, a ride in a hot air balloon is a perfect way to be close to one another and enjoy a nice view.


- Parachute jumping can be something pretty amazing if both of you are feeling adventurous. It will get your adrenaline pumping and will bring you closer together.

- A trip to Paris is an excellent idea for those who don't have money problems. It is a city of love and it will definitely make your Russian woman enjoy being with you.

- Trip to a health spa is an awesome idea. Find the best possible one and take your Russian lady out there. You can both enjoy massages and other therapeutic treatments together.

First date with a Russian woman

- Dinner on a yacht is romantic and it shows that you can mix luxury with fun. Warm air on your skin, good wine and sea food are bound to make you enjoy each other's company.

- Wine routes are a good idea for everyone who enjoys wine. Russian women will appreciate your knowledge about wine and will find you elegant and classy. Just don't get drunk and make sure to organize a private tour just for the two of you.

Whatever your financial status is, this article will help you find some great ideas to break the ice and start your relationship with a date both of you won't forget.

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dating russian women
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