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Differences between Russian and American women

There are many differences between different nations of the world, even though we are all very similar, culture shapes us all differently. Much of it is based on where we have lived, how we were raised by our parents and what we have learned from them. The same rule applies, of course, to women. As much as we would all like to think that they are similar, there are differences between women in different countries. The same goes for Russian and American women.


When it comes to dating, there are a few key differences which are very noticeable when comparing Russian to American women. American ladies have been influenced by feminism for a long time, yes it has brought them many good things, but it has also brought some things which can't be viewed as something positive.

If you are trying to court an American woman in a traditional way, you are most likely going to offend them. Let's say that you go on a date with an American woman and try to be a gentleman. You try to hold a door open for her and pay for the entire meal, and that's when she gets angry. American women like to feel like they are always in control and that they are able to do anything, anyone who tries being chivalrous can be seen as a sexist pig. American women can see almost any action as being sexual or aggressive.

Russian women, on the other hand, are another story. They are traditional and expect the same from men. Russian women enjoy the feeling of being courted and they enjoy knowing that someone cares enough for them to act chivalrous. Russian ladies enjoy feeling safe with their man and they enjoy the knowledge that someone cares for them. Whenever they notice that their man pays attention to them they feel nice. Russian ladies don't mind the fact that you are opening a door for them, they adore it. When a man helps them take their coat off or helps them sit, they don't feel weak or powerless, on the contrary. Russian women enjoy having fun and men with a good sense of humor. They are not easily offended but that doesn't mean that you can be rude towards them. Being traditional means that they respect the old ways but aren't strange to the new ways.


When it comes to marriage, there are a couple of differences between Russian and American women. Russian ladies love knowing that they have a man who is willing to help them and talk to them. They enjoy listening to the advice from their man and they are eager to take care of the family. Russian women see marriage as team work; they are supportive and enjoy making decisions together with their man. American women are more into being independent, they like to show that they are the masters of their destiny and that no one can boss them around. Of course, that is just a facade of insecurity. Even when they need someone to help them, they would rather continue failing on their own instead of asking for help. They see it as a sign of weakness and they have to show everyone that they are not weak.

This does not mean that American women are bad wives, like we've said at the start, everyone is an individual and there are no two same persons, but some things are obviously different between women of certain nations, and the same goes for Russian and American women.

Try not to judge people before you meet them, but also keep in mind these few differences which will help you out with understanding Russian women a little bit better.

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dating russian women
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