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Dealing with rejection properly

When it comes to fears which make people feel uncomfortable, fear of rejection is one of the worst. Fear of rejection can be damaging to our judgment and it is able to cause many problems in our lives. When one talks about dating and everything concerning dating, one cannot skip mentioning rejection.


How does rejection make us feel?

Whenever someone gets rejected by a person he/she cares for, it makes him/her feel vulnerable, insignificant and worthless. It is a feeling far away from being pleasant and it can influence everyone in many different ways. Some people deal with it by crying, hiding away from everything and everyone, and it is very detrimental to confidence. Rejection is a feeling that makes some people do stupid and even unhealthy things. Rejection hits everyone differently, but it does hit us all and it makes us hurt.

Types of rejection

Rejection comes in many shapes and sizes, it could be tiny and it could be huge as well. Maybe your date forgot the time when to come, but then again, maybe she had not shown up at all without saying a word. It is hard to talk about types of rejection because we all have different views on what a small rejection is and what a big rejection is. You should keep in mind that not every kind of rejection is a huge one; you should try to keep calm and think rationally about it all.

Who should you blame?

Think about the last time you were rejected, what was the first think you did, who did you blame? Most of the people will remember that they had blamed no one else but themselves, and that is exactly what they should not have done. Most of the people blame themselves when an unpleasant rejection happens. It must have something to do with how our brains are wired, it is hard for us to admit that the person we like isn't as perfect as we thought he/she is, so we try to lie to ourselves and transfer the blame to someone else. It is important to remember that blaming yourself won't solve anything, and most importantly it won't help the least.


How to deal with it?

It's not a simple topic and this is not a simple question. Every person is different, we all have our own ways of dealing with problems, but there are a few things which should help you have a better perspective on things. One thing that you might not want to hear after being rejected is to be positive, but there is no better advice than that. Why? Because the worst part is already over, you got rejected, and it can't be any worse. That's why the only thing that is in front of you is something better. You should confide in the fact that you will get stronger, and you will feel better soon enough. You will get to know yourself a bit better as well, and that's always a positive thing.

Rejection has some upsides; it makes us think long and hard about who we are and what we want out of our lives. Being rejected is a good reason for some self-improvement and lamentation. Yes it makes us all sad, but in the end, we come stronger out of it.

As you can see here, rejection is a complicated thing, we all feel it in a different way, but what's good about it is the fact that it definitely makes us all stronger. As much as you are hurt by being rejected, put it into a perspective, remember that the worst part is over and that you will come out as a much stronger person. It will not dull the pain, but it will give you comfort.

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dating russian women
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