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Dating Russian women - how to avoid scams

Plenty of people had experience with it - they come back home and merrily log on to check out the newest messages from a gorgeous Russian woman they have been talking to for a while. She looks stunningly beautiful, she is sweet and has a body which super models would envy but she has a few problems. She lives in a poor village where men are drunk and don't do anything during the whole day. Everything goes well while they are talking to, until one day she informs them that a member of her family is sick, that they need emergency surgery or something else that might make a man worry. Then she says that she needs money fast. As soon as she receives it she never writes back.

Dating Russian Women

This is how most of the people get scammed - they fall in love with someone who doesn't exist and their emotions are used against them.

This article will shed some light on this subject and how to avoid being scammed.

You shouldn't try dating with women who are half your age. Think about it for a second, if you were someone young and lean, would you like someone who could be your parent? Maybe you would, but most of the women who are with men who are a lot older are in the relationship because they are getting something useful out of it. You are looking for a relationship; a woman who is a lot younger wouldn't be a good fit for you anyway. Try to avoid them not only because they are most likely trying to scam you, but because you will not have a meaningful relationship with them.

You should avoid women who look like super models. Be honest with yourself, do you look like a super model? Do you earn enough money to support the lifestyle of a super model? If not, do you think that a super model would like to have anything to do with you? She might - but the chances are slim so it is better to avoid it. Most of the scammers use pictures of extremely attractive women because they know that many men will contact them. That's why you should always be wary when being contacted by an extremely beautiful Russian woman.

If you are talking to a woman for a long time it is advised to ask her for her phone number or to arrange a call on Skype in order to see her. If she avoids it for some time you are most likely dealing with either a woman who is not serious about dating or someone who is trying to scam you. Either way, you are looking for someone to meet, get to know better and maybe even marry. If you want to feel safe about the person you are talking to, always try to arrange a video call or at least try to get a phone number. It will save you lots of trouble later.


One of the tricks the scammers like to use is to play on emotions. They love to tell a story which can break anyone's heart. Some of them will say that they are living in horrible living connections; some will say that they have bills or someone they love in a hospital. It is important to notice it as soon as it happens. Most of the scammers write about it in their first message, they do it slowly at first, they mention something about hard life and leave it at it. Soon enough they start talking more and more about it until they ask for help from you. Never send money to the people you are not sure about and avoid being swindled by being careful.

Many scams showed up with online dating, and they are just the risk we have to deal with. This article is meant to help you with avoiding them. Always be careful, and try not to be too trust-worthy, in the end your safety should be most important to you.

dating russian women
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