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Confidence - Russian women love it – How to gain it

Almost everyone around the world has some confidence problems, some people are shy when in a large group of people, some can't get used to new people etc. It doesn't matter where and when, what matters is that everyone can have confidence problems and that they can be solved.

Russian women are known to like men who are more outgoing, confident and chivalrous. They enjoy being in the company of men who say what they think and feel. Russian ladies love being in the company of real gentlemen. To some it can be a bit overwhelming to be in company of such a woman, but it is not that scary as one may think at first.


Lack of confidence can manifest in many different ways - we could have problems approaching a person we like, it sometimes makes us say something silly and it can make us do something stupid. Lack of confidence can make you unable to start a conversation with a woman you like because you think that she might not respond to you. When it comes to dating, this is pretty common, but this article is supposed to help you out with overcoming the problem. We don't want to tell you that everything is going to be alright, it will only if you change certain things and become more assertive and confident.

When a woman is shy some might find it cute and attractive, it can be seen as a quality. When men are shy, women don't see it as something attractive. That's the main reason why you should step up your game and regain your lost confidence.

You should ask yourself what is it that makes you shy and lack confidence. You will most likely notice that you are afraid of failure. Fear of failure makes us crippled and weak, it makes us act stupid and it leads to a lack of confidence. You have to tell yourself that it doesn't matter - because it really does not. As much as you like someone, you have to keep one thing in your mind - there are a lot more women like her out there. Being rejected by one does not mean that you will never be able to find another; it just means that you know where you stand and that you can look at the other options. There are always other options open for you; you will just have to notice them. It has happened to many men, they ask 10 ladies out, all of them say no - but the 11th one says yes. That's what dating is all about - being rejected but having the will to continue looking for the ones who won't reject you.

Some men lack confidence because they see their male friends having tons of success with women. They see how other have dates often and they think that they are lucky. The truth is, all of those men got rejected, and they just don't let it get them down. The same should be with you, it doesn't matter how often you get rejected, stand up and repeat it.


All of us are different; you shouldn't compare yourself to other men if you lack confidence. Only way they have success with dating is because they are confident. They don't care if someone thinks they are fat, they don't care if some don't find bald men attractive, they feel good with what they have and women notice it. When a Russian women notices that you are confident in your body, that you are satisfied with who you are - she will definitely like you more.

Remember, you are who you are, if you don't like something - work on changing it. If you can't change something, embrace it; make it a part of who you are you can even joke sometimes about the size of your belly or something else. That takes a lot of guts and confidence - any Russian woman will immediately notice it and grow fonder of you.


dating russian women
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