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Beginning of a relationship with a Russian woman

Start of a new relationship can be hard; those times are when we revert to our old teenage self and feel happy and giddy. It is hard to fight against it, chemistry does what it does and all logic and experience leave us. Many different thoughts start to seep into our brain and most of them conflict one another. We stop thinking straight and it makes it difficult for us to think and to concentrate. Many feelings race through us, happiness, sadness and plenty other different feelings get mixed and make us confused. It is especially like this when dating a Russian woman.


Everyone feels well after the first date which goes well. It is a nice feeling to be desired. It feels amazing when someone likes you and it gets only better after the first date. That's when you know that everything is going well. She decided that she likes you enough to go on another date and it boosts your ego, but that's the time when you start to analyze everything, and so does she. This is the time when your Russian lady will start to test you. She will ask certain questions and play small games which might confuse you. They will start to analyze what you say to try to find a deeper meaning to what you are saying. She will try to figure you out a bit better, to know who you are.

This is also the time when you will start to doubt yourself especially if you care a lot about your Russian woman. You will start to worry whether you are going to lose here, you might start to panic and act irrationally. This is perfectly normal, but it might cause you to do some stupid things which might cause the end of the relationship. She might think that you are being possessive and overbearing, and you would not want that. You should back off a bit and stay cool, because this is when you will have to wait things out. Whatever happens - happens, try not to do anything irrational.

Start of every relationship can be rough but it is also the most fun part. You shouldn't over think it because that is bound to cause ruin to your relationship with a Russian woman. There are more problems to come, like the first kiss and first sex. You will have to be smart when thinking when you would like to do it. Russian women are not easy, so don't expect that you will be in bed with her in no time. You should read her body language, check out whether she is smiling, paying attention to what you are saying etc. You should go with small gentle touches at first and see how she reacts to it. After some time you will definitely know if she is serious about the relationship or not. If she agrees to more dates you can safely think that she is becoming serious about you two.

relationship with a Russian woman

When dating goes slow, there is a chance that nothing serious can come out of it. Make sure that you like her and try noticing how she feels about you. Russian women like to play small games which might seem silly to you, but they are just trying to see how much you care for them.

Think about this article when you are at the start of a relationship with a Russian woman. Things might seem to move slowly, but that doesn't have to make you lose your spirit. Whatever happens after the first date will happen; it is not the end of the world. Good luck and have fun on a date with your lovely Russian woman.

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dating russian women
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