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3 types of men that Russian women avoid

Women of the world have different tastes when it comes to men. The same can be said about Russian women, but there are some things that Russian women don't want to see in the man they are talking to. Russian ladies who desire a serious relationship will certainly avoid certain types of men. This article is written to help you know what Russian women don't like and it is supposed to help you change those things if you happen to notice them about yourself.


1. Arrogant men

Russian women love confidence. They love it when a man has a certain air of confidence around him. They find it very attractive, even sexy - on the other hand, they consider arrogance to be very appalling. It is perfectly normal to talk about your lifestyle and what you do in your spare time, but it is a completely different thing to start counting how many cars your own, square meters of your house etc. Talking about those things to Russian women will make you seem like an obnoxious person and they will not want to have anything to do with you. You should find the middle ground, show that you are confident, but show that you are modest as well. Russian women like a modest man - give it a go, you might enjoy the new you as well.

2. Men with no passion and drive

Russian women, as well as women from all the countries of the world, like men who are passionate. They enjoy being with men who have drive, while the men who don't have it seem unattractive. You don't have to be a rocket scientist, but it is important to have your own dreams and ambitions. Your ambitions don't have to be work-oriented, you could want to travel around the world, or build your own house from scratch, or anything in between. What is important is to have a dream, a goal, and then to work on accomplishing it. You can rest assured that Russian women will appreciate you a lot more when they find out that there is something which makes you wake up every day. Something which makes your life worth living. If you manage to find a woman who shares your dreams, you can consider yourself lucky because there is no greater pleasure than doing something you love with a person you hold dear.

3. Sex-obsessed men

Everyone thinks about sex, men and women, some do it often, others less, but that does not mean that every woman wants to hear about your intricate sexual fantasies. Women see nothing attractive and sexy in a man who is talking to them about what he would like to do to them; this is especially true for the Russian woman. You might think that they will be flattered when you tell them juicy details from your sexual life, but the truth is that you will provoke an exactly opposite reaction. It will make her feel uncomfortable and she will end all contact with you.

If you are seeking a long-term relationship with a Russian woman, it would be the best to leave the sex talk for later.

Don't act like a sexually deprived creep and you won't have any problems.

These 3 tips are bound to help you if you want to meet a Russian woman online. You should definitely avoid acting like in these 3 examples. Don't obsess over sex, don't be arrogant and if you don't have any goals and dreams, you better find them.


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dating russian women
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